If you cannot come up with a good argumentative essay topic, think about issues you care about most. When you’re having a conversation with someone, are there any topics you discuss passionately?

We offer you to write a paper on the topic that interests you most. In this article, we have gathered interesting topics for you to choose from. They touch on education, sports, politics, culture, technology, and other aspects of life. Enjoy!


  • Should students grade their educators?
  • Is it ethical to drug test students?
  • Is a standard testing system outdated?
  • Can standard testing system measure students abilities?
  • Should we rethink how much time students spend at school?
  • What are you learning at school: social habits or subjects?
  • Should institutions provide more opportunities for students to express their creativity?
  • Do students’ marks reflect their knowledge?
  • Does a number of people in the class matter?
  • Should students use technological devices in class?

Social media and technology

  • Does technological progress leads to loneliness?
  • Does technology distract people from work/learning or helps them?
  • Do mobile applications help people, or being another space for advertisements?
  • Do you spend too much time online doing something useless?
  • Do social media networks make people depressed?
  • Should people obscure their real personalities online?
  • Should cyberbullying be punished on the governmental level?
  • Can tablets and cell phones serve as educational tools?
  • What if computers grade papers instead of teachers?

TV, literature, video games, music

  • Does TV produce dangerous beliefs?
  • Are there modern musicians that will stay in the history of music?
  • What unknown artists and authors should be more popular?
  • What should you do to earn money as an artist?
  • Is it ethical for video games stores to sell violent games to children?
  • Do you think violent video games make people more violent, or they unburden themselves this way?
  • Is graffiti a sort of art?
  • How art affects people’s lives?


  • Are schools designed more for girls than for boys?
  • Should parents have different hopes for their daughters and sons?
  • Is there too much pressure on women and girls to be fit?
  • Do you feel bad when looking at photoshopped photos of superstars?
  • Is it okay for men to comment on girls and women at public places?
  • Where are the roots of sexual violence?
  • Should women and girls strive for more leadership roles in society?
  • Why girls rarely pursue a career in science?
  • Are equal rights for women and men possible?
  • Are women better empathy than men?


  • Are dangerous sports games should be aired on state television?
  • Are some sports too intense for young people?
  • Could cheerleading be called a sport?
  • Is it a big deal when a famous sportsman comes out as a homosexual?
  • Should sport betting be legal?


  • When the use of military force is justified?
  • Do you trust your government?
  • Do you believe that voting is a real the exercise of national will?
  • How can we prevent mass shootings?
  • Should armed guards patrol colleges and schools?
  • Do you support the death penalty?
  • What is worse for a court prisoner: a death penalty or life imprisonment?


  • Why do teenagers begin smoking?
  • Are anti-smoking advertisements effective?
  • Are you concerned about where your food comes from?
  • Is there something immoral about eating meat?
  • Should marijuana be legal?

Moral issues

  • Can money buy happiness?
  • Why do people buy and accumulate things?
  • Are we losing the art of communication?
  • Do people become too detached to one another?
  • What is more efficient: hard work or talent?
  • When should you accept a compromise?
  • Do people need religion to stay moral only?
  • Has dirty language become so widely used that it loses the initial meaning?
  • Should people getting married when they love each other and want to be together?
  • Is a stereotype about messy desk and creativeness true?

We hope that a range of these essay topics will inspire you. However, if you are facing difficulties with expressing your thoughts in the best academic way – try giving one of these topics to a professional writer to get some assistance.