Imagine you’ve just written a marvelous essay. It sounds awesome, it delivers resonating and topic-relevant content, and it grabs readers just right, from the very first passage till the very last ending phrase. Are you satisfied with the read?

Then, move on to the next writing stage which is document formatting. Given you’ve just done some basic proofreading, it’s time to apply an APA or MLA reference style, depending upon the subject field of your essay. APA is used for social sciences, MLA – for liberals and humanities. Sounds easy on the first try? Yes, right, but the issue of how to do APA format and MLA in practice turns into a real nightmare in three cases out of five. As a rule, an entire evening and a half of the night is usually put on the altar of formatting an essay.

Today, out of 20 essays a sits down to check only 5-6 actually have proper document formatting applied. Now ask yourself, how often your own essays make it in that category of reference style aces?

APA is used for social sciences, MLA – for liberals and humanities.

How to do APA format and MLA hassle-free

When an essay is done, and you are looking to embark upon proofreading without further ado, delegate document formatting chores to professionals of Order a formatting service and an expert will take on the job in under an hour. As a result, you’ll have a well-referenced paper your instructor will appreciate and evaluate correspondingly.

To help you make up your mind, download an APA format paper example from the site and ascertain the quality of quoting for yourself. Care for an MLA format paper example too? Acquire as many samples as you need for free and 24/7.