There is, probably no such creative and vibrant piece of writing as a personal essay is. It’s either effective to exercise writing skills and shape your own style. That’s why personal essay for college is a common task for students.

It may be in a form of personal statement essay, usually assigned at the admission stage or a simple personal reflective essay that requires pondering over a particular issue from an individual perspective. Whatever the subject is, your individual opinion is the main character of the story.

However, this genre clarity doesn’t make it clearer how to write personal experience essay and what to write about.

Whatever the subject is, your individual opinion is the main character of the story.

Good personal essay topics come from your life

Looking for personal essay ideas? Don’t go any further, they are all hidden in your life. There counts everything that concerns your experience and individuality. Though at college you may be provided with specific questions to reflect on (usually about a life lesson or your likes and dislikes, or personal attitude toward specific issue), you still has a chance to break borders of a conventional essay and craft a brilliant personal essay example using individual tone, unique characters and even essay structure.

When you are free to choose any essay topic you may face even more challenges. To select something really unique and catchy dive into your inner world, analyze your experience and doings. Be honest with yourself and let your thoughts flow. You can write personal goals essay describing your strengths and last job experience. Or you may tell how somebody shaped your career goals or changed them altogether.

No matter what the topic may be, remember:

  • To be brief or rather try to match suggested amount of characters.
  • To be honest without exaggerations or fabricating facts. The only way to make your personal essay stand out is to be yourself, truthful and sincere.
  • To be logical. Don’t jump from the beginning to the end. Make your story coherent.
  • To be right-on language accuracy and personal essay format that requires proper font, margins, and style.

Ability to write a personal essay comes through regular practice. So, use the tips and keep writing.